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Gemologist / Advantages
Gemology is the science and study of natural and artificial gemstones; their sources, descriptions, origins, identification, grading and appraising. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy.

Appraisals are extremely important for anyone who owns a special piece of jewelry. For several reasons, these jewels should be valued and certified by an expert to avoid difficult situations and even loss in certain cases.

In case of inheritance, loss, theft, buying, selling, insuring and or division of capital gain, a professional appraisal will be your most useful tool in any decision making process.

One common example of a difficult situation with an insurance company comes at the time of a claim.
There have been cases where such claim is delayed due to incomplete, inadequate paperwork or appraisal documentation, doubts and irregularities of presented documents for the insured items.

A good appraisal will help make the process clear, fair and quick.

In another situation where a sale is taking place, both sides should count on a professional certificate of authenticity and adequate appraisal documentation with values to satisfy both parties and make an honest and fair transaction.
  • Verify the descriptions of the jewels to make sure they are detailed and precise.
  • Ask to have photographs of your jewelry included if possible.
  • Assure yourself of using a Professional and Certified Gemologist with knowledge of costs and values in the actual markets.

Gemological Equipment and Instruments Available

Nayor - Graduate Gemologists and Certified Jewelry Appraisers count with the highest technology and gemological equipment available in the market for independent laboratory.

This assures customers, together with their professional knowledge and experience, an exact, responsible and honest appraisal.

Gemological Equipments Available:
  • Reichert Stereo Zoom Microscope with dark and light field illumination
  • Microscope Zoom Lens – 126x
  • Lumina I Fiberoptic FO-150 Illuminator
  • Pinpoint Illuminator
  • Duplex II Refractometer
  • Portable Refractometer Gem Tester -RHG 181
  • Diffraction-Grating Spectroscope - GIA
  • A.D. Leveridge mm. Gauge and Estimator – Micromat
  • Diamond Weight Estimator – G.I.A
  • G.I.A.-GEM Mini Diamond Master II
  • G.I.A. Gem I - Polariscope
  • Calcite Dichroscope
  • Presidium Diamond Mate A Probe
  • Presidium Gem Tester
  • Moissanite Terminator Tester
  • Chelsea Color Filter
  • Hanneman Filter Kit
  • Specific Gravity Immersion Liquids
  • Sauter S1000 German Gold Balance
  • Mars Electronic Gold Scale
  • O Haus Port-o-Gram Electronic Gold Scale
  • Toyo portable gold scale
  • O Haus Port-o-Gram Electronic Diamond Scale
  • G.I.A. Diamond Color Master Set
  • Diamond Table Gauge Estimators
  • Ultraviolet Mineralight Cabinet – short & long wave
  • 10k,14k, 18k, 24k and Platinum Acid Testers
  • Gold Tester and Analyzer
  • Gem-E Wizard Program for colored stones
  • GemDialogue Program for Color description of Gemstones and Color Diamonds
  • Gemology Tools Professional Program
  • Olympus C-4000 Zoom Digital Camera
  • Fuji S-5000 Fine Pix Digital Camera
  • Casio Digital Camera- Ex-Z1000
  • Nikon Coolpix P5100 Digital Camera